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Elvireborg’s farmhouse was built in 1889 in the style of a manor house by great-grandfather Nils-Bernhard Mattsson (1859-1926). He was an active man in the district and was a lay assessor and churchwarden among other things.

At that time there were 100 cattle and 15-20 working and cart-horses on the farm. There were 120 hectares of farmland of which some was pasture. There were 10 farmhands employed all year round, whose wives helped out on the farm with all sorts of jobs such as e.g. domestic work. There were also 5 milkmaids on the farm.In addition harvesters were taken on if need arose.

There is no livestock on the farm today apart from three friendly dogs good with children and some cats. The pets are not allowed indoors. Rape, peas, wheat, rye, oats and barley are grown on 585 hectares. Jörgen Mattsson, one full-time employee, one seasonal worker and three tractors take care of the farmwork today.
The host family on the farm